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Wholesale and retail Call Data Record reconciliation  as a service

CDR Reconciliation in telecoms is used to check the accuracy of figures in billing between different carriers.


Carriers overlook the importance of reconciliation due to the complexity and the amount of resources required to reconcile invoices received with the available data and revenue is not assured.

Since 2013 we have helped numerous telecom companies to avoid suffering significant financial losses by introducing a proper CDR reconciliation process.  

Our experts help you avoid revenue leakage by applying a range of data engineering techniques backed by our substantial amount of experience in the telecom industry.

How we do CDR reconciliation:
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We fetch TAP files or wholesale CDRs from SFTP/S3 or any other location



Tap files are decoded with our parallel processing engine



Information is matched and loaded into our central data storage



Detailed reports can be reached through our web platform and we can support with day 2 day monitoring as well



Alerts will be set up and triggered in case of mismatches exceed defined thresholds.

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Since 2013 we have reconciled more than 76 billion CDR records for our telco customers and helped claim +10m EUR in revenue that would have otherwise been lost

Our Services




TAP file


We provide wholesale and retail cdr (call data record) reconciliation as a service for the telco industry. Our cloud-based services can perform reconciliation, provide periodical reports or even trigger alerts if mismatches within certain thresholds are discovered to assure your revenue.

We are a team of well-seasoned data engineers with +10 years of experience in building tailored data solutions for the telecommunications industry. We construct data warehouses and business intelligence solutions that can query billions of records in just miliseconds. We also provide anti-fraud analysis and perform data integrations between billing, CRM, selfcare and more. 

We have efficient decoders that can convert your ASN.1 structure TAP files defined by the GSM Association to readable XML or CSV data structures. We can deploy these decoders on-premises or perform decoding in our scalable cloud resources.

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Meet Our Team


Vaidas Lauzeckas



Petras Kudaras



Alina Bobrik

Data Engineer


Algimantas Birbilas

Data scientist


Julius Steponavicius


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